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Est. Total Tuition/Fees ...
Credits Required 120
Delivery Classroom
Campus Locations 27
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Online courses have a set cost per credit. Online credits are not counted as part of your total credits shown in the university tuition table. Total tuition is based on current rates and tuition rates are subject to change without notice.

Cost Per Credit $0
Total for 120 credits $36,644
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This program has differential tuition rates set by the department that change based on course level. To get an accurate price estimate for completing this program, please contact an advisor listed on the department website or fill out the form at the top of the page. The rates are listed on the last page of the university tuition tables.

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In addition to the degree specific course requirements, students must have at least 120 credits in order to graduate with a bachelors degree. Contact your advisor to determine what courses are needed in order to graduate.

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Courses for this degree take place in classrooms throughout our network of campuses. These courses may be available through Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) which are broadcast to classrooms or courses may take place in the classroom where broadcasts originate. For more information about this and other delivery types, visit our course delivery page.

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Potential Careers

  • Information Manager
  • Systems Analyst
  • Network and Internet Manager
  • Webmaster
  • Electronic Commerce Worker
  • Data Network Security Administrator
  • Project Manager


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General Info: 1-800-233-2137
Testing: 1-855-834-2370

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Bachelor of Science in
Management Information Systems

The focus of the management information systems (MIS) degree is to provide education for and about business with an emphasis on management information systems. The world of information systems has a multitude of career options to offer. MIS is a social science that primarily focuses on the role that computers play in human settings, either individual or organizational. In addition to the bachelor’s degree in MIS, the department also offers master’s and Ph.D. degree programs. 

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Department Website

For Help Getting Started

Please call (800) 233-2137 or send an email to

Program Contacts

Jenny Jones
Undergraduate Advisor
Phone: (435) 797-2272

In addition to the courses listed below, students must complete all university requirements, and have at least 120 credits in order to graduate with a bachelor's degree. Contact your advisor to dertermine what courses are needed in order to graduate.

Jon M. Huntsman School of Business Acumen

  • ACCT 2010: Financial Accounting Principles
  • ACCT 2020: Managerial Accounting Principles
  • ECN 1500: Economic Institutions (Macroeconomics)(BAI)*
  • ECN 2010: Intro to Microeconomics (BSS)
  • ECN 3400: Global Economic Institutions (DSS)


  • MIS 3300: Big Data Analytics (recommended)**
  • FIN 3200 Financial Managment
  • FIN 3400: Corporate Finance (QI)
  • MGT 2050: Legal and Ethical Environments of Business
  • MGT 3110: Managing Organizations and People
  • MGT 3500: Fundamentals of Marketing
  • MGT 3700: Operations Management
  • MGT 3800: Leadership
  • MGT 3890: System Strategy & Problem Solving
  • MIS 2100: Principles of MIS
  • MIS 3200: Business Communication (CI)
  • STAT 2300: Business Statistics (QL)*


  • STAT 2000: Business Statistics (QL)*

*These courses must be completed with a C grade or higher.
**Can count as an MIS elective if not taken in the acumen.

Required Courses

  • MIS 4250: Advanced Internship (waived for Huntsman Scholars)
  • MIS 3330: Database Management
  • MIS 3800: IT H/W and Systems S/W
  • MIS 5900: Systems Analysis Design/Project Management
  • MIS 5910: Lab to be taken with MIS 5900
  • MIS 3500: Intro to Business Applications


  • CS 1400: C++ and CS 1405: C++ Lab

Electives- Choose four courses:

  • MIS 3000: Big Data Analytics
  • MIS 3450: GUI Design
  • MIS 4330: Advanced Database
  • MIS 4350: Introduction to Performance Improvement Projects
  • MIS 4800: Security of Business Information Systems
  • MIS 5050:
  • MIS 5150: Special Topics: Emerging Technologies in Management Information Systems
  • MIS 5300: Advanced Data Communications
  • MIS 5350: Financial Modeling/Apps
  • MIS 5650: Open Source Web Development
  • MIS 5700: Internet Management and E-Commerce
  • CS 1410: C++ 2nd Class
  • INST 5XXX: Instructional Tech Elective