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Est. Total Tuition $19,552
Credits Required 52
Delivery Hybrid
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Online courses have a set cost per credit. Online credits are not counted as part of your total credits shown in the university tuition table. Total tuition is based on current rates and tuition rates are subject to change without notice.

Cost Per Credit $0
Total for 52 credits $19,552
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This degree is a special program and has a tuition rate that is different from the standard Utah State University tuition rates. Tuition rates shown are current and subject to change without notice.

Cost Per Credit $376
Total for 52 credits $19,552
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Estimated total tuition is based on current rates and student fees for a Utah resident. Tuition rates subject to change. Some courses may have additional fees.

credits/semester $2,111
Total for 9 semesters $19,552
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In addition to the degree specific course requirements, there may be additional requirements for this degree. Visit the department website or speak with an advisor to determine what courses are needed in order to graduate.

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Courses for this degree follow the standard USU schedule for registration and start/end dates. Exams must be taken under the supervision of an approved Proctor. Though these classes take place online, there are set times for student participation through communications software that allows for real-time interaction. For more information about this and other delivery types, visit our course delivery page.

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Master of
Rehabilitation Counseling

Rehabilitation counselors provide services to adults with a broad range of disabilities to help them obtain gainful employment and take control of their lives. USU's Master of Rehabilitation Counseling program is accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE), is one of Utah State's highest ranked graduate programs and, according to U.S. News & World Report, is ranked in the top 20 in the nation. Those who complete the degree are eligible to take the national Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) examination, which USU students pass at a 99% rate on the first attempt. Almost 100 percent of graduates find employment as rehabilitation counselors.

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Department Website

For Help Getting Started

Please call (800) 233-2137 or send an email to

Program Contacts

Kris Wengreen
Phone: (435) 797-3246
Fax: (435) 797-3572

In addition to the courses listed below, additional courses may be required. Contact your advisor to determine what courses are needed in order to complete this program.

  • REH 6100: Intro to the Profession of Rehabilitation Counseling
  • REH 6110: Medical Aspects of Disability
  • REH 6120: Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
  • REH 6130: Rehabilitation Counseling Skill Development
  • REH 6140: Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling
  • REH 6150: Rehabilitation Services & Resources
  • REH 6160: Career/Vocational Issues, Job Analysis, Development & Placement for Persons with Disabilities
  • REH 6170: Internship in Rehabilitation
  • REH 6180: Rehabilitation of Individuals with Severe Mental Illness
  • REH 6190: Introduction to Assessment for Persons with Disabilities
  • REH 6200: Theories of Counseling Applied to Persons with Disabilities
  • REH 6210: Advanced Assessment
  • REH 6220: Culturally Relevant Practices in Rehabilitation
  • REH 6230: Introduction to Research in Rehabilitation
  • REH 6240: Ethical Decision Making in Counseling
  • REH 6250: Group Work
  • REH 6260: Human Growth & Development in Rehabilitation