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Associated Students of Utah State University


The Associated Students of Utah State University (USUSA) is an organization for the entire student body of USU. USUSA acts as the liaison to University staff, faculty, and administration and works to energize and guide the quality of student life through a focus on academics and activities.

The Regional Campuses and Distance Education (RCDE) branch of USUSA is organized into four service regions, each represented by an Executive Vice President. Campus representatives represent students at their campus or in a specified area in a regional council led by the Executive Vice President. An Executive council including each of the Executive Vice Presidents, as well as the RCDE President, meet regularly to discuss issues of concern for RCDE students. This body communicates directly with RCDE and Logan campus administration. RCDE student government officers will address student concerns, advance public relations, and serve student clubs, organizations, and cultural events.

Students are welcome and encouraged to attend student government meetings to voice their opinions and concerns. Contact your local student representative for specific details about the times and locations of these meetings as they pertain to your particular campus.

View your elected officials

Become an USUSA student officer at your campus

Why Become an USUSA student officer?

  • To implement the great ideas you have for your campus
  • To serve others
  • To plan great activities
  • To receive financial compensation to help pay for school

How do I become a candidate?

  • Contact your local student government advisor to get an election packet and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Read the election packet.
  • Fill out, sign and return the declaration of candidacy form in the election packet to your local campus.
  • Fill out this form and send a 400px x 400px headshot to Leslie Jessup.

Election Time Line

  • Jan 27: Packets will be made available to all students.
  • Feb 10: Packets due Feb 10 by 5:00 pm. No exceptions.
  • Feb 10: On the same day packets are due, there will be a mandatory meeting broadcast to all of the regional campuses about the elections, videos, etc. at 4:00 pm. This broadcast will cover what is expected of candidates and answer what questions candidates may have etc.
  • Feb 17: If a candidate wishes to post a video, it must be submitted by 10:00 pm.
  • Feb 24-25: USUSA Presidential Primaries.
  • Feb 26-27: Campaign week. Voting will end at 8:00 pm on the 27th.
  • Feb 27: Winners will be announced

USUSA Constitution

Read up on the newly revised USUSA constutition. The most recent changes gave birth to the RCDE arm of the USUSA student government.

Download the Constitution

Your Representatives

The RCDE branch of USUSA was elected in March of 2014. You can learn more about your student representatives, how to contact them and what they plan to do for you.

Meet the Officials

Learn More...

To learn more about the USUSA student government, visit the USUSA website. Find out about student traditions, involvement, and more.

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