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Mission Statement

To contribute to the USU mission, the Regional Campuses and Distance Education system provides access to higher education by delivering a wide range of relevant high quality courses, degree programs and research opportunities that combine instructional excellence with innovative technologies.

Vision Statement

To be a leader in innovative education, research, and economic development.


  • Quality
  • Accessibility
  • Relevance
  • Efficiency
  • Student Success

Access- Expand Educational Opportunities

Institutional Access: Expand educational programs throughout Utah, nation-wide, and internationally.

Financial Support: Enhance scholarship and need-based financial aid for RCDE students system wide.

Diversity: Engage students of diverse ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, and gender in RCDE programs.

Non Traditional Students: Expand access to targeted university courses and degree programs for non-traditional students.

Recruitment, Retention & Completion

Recruit a population of students who are seeking a wide variety of learning experiences and opportunities based on their academic needs and goals.

Ensure that every academically qualified student has access to high quality educational courses and degree programs.

Differentiate the completion needs and rates of students understanding that they will vary.

Technology and Innovation

Utilize and enhance innovative technologies to expand quality instruction, learning, and research opportunities.

Prepare faculty to effectively plan, deliver, and evaluate instruction.

Ensure that students have access to state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, library resources, and student support services.

Partnership and Collaboration

Increase and enhance partnerships with academic colleges and departments to deliver courses and programs.

Engage local community entities such as local public and higher education institutions, community organizations, governmental agencies, business/industry, and citizens in planning and creating RCDE programs.

Establish and enhance partnerships with other educational entities.

Community Impact and Resource Development

Provide specialized academic and cultural programs based upon unique need in the communities served by RCDE.

Stimulate and enhance business and economic development and growth in the communities served by RCDE.

Secure funding, donations and resources to expand the capacity of RCDE to meet community education and economic needs.

Engage students in community service.

Financial Viability & Transparency

Effectively and appropriately utilize state and tuition resources to achieve mission of RCDE and USU.

Adhere to all university, state, and federal financial and operations procedures and policies.

Establish transparent financial reporting and communication procedures.

Research and Discovery