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The USU Regional Campuses and Distance Education system has delivered programs statewide for more than 90 years. As demand for education in rural Utah increased, USU established education centers throughout the state, and faculty traveled by car and plane to meet students. In 1993, USU began the electronic delivery of programs. In 1997, USU partnered with the Utah Educational Network (UEN) to broadcast classes via a statewide satellite system. In 2007 USU and UEN broke ground again by introducing a statewide, internet-based videoconferencing delivery network for all USU interactive broadcast courses.

Today's classes, offered via interactive broadcast, face-to-face, and online formats, are available throughout the state, nation, and world. These courses may lead to certificates, endorsements, or undergraduate and graduate degrees through USU. Interactive broadcast technologies connect qualified instructors with students throughout the state in real-time class settings. Online and independent study classes allow students to work at their own pace and complete their education without being tied to a time or place. Students may earn the same college degrees working from their home computer or by attending centers in their communities as they would if they attended class on campus.