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Est. Total Tuition/Fees $26,734
Credits Required 60
Delivery Classroom
Campus Locations 27
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Online courses have a set cost per credit. Online credits are not counted as part of your total credits shown in the university tuition table. Total tuition is based on current rates and tuition rates are subject to change without notice.

Cost Per Credit $0
Total for 60 credits $26,734
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Estimated total tuition is based on current rates and student fees for a Utah resident. Tuition rates subject to change. Some courses may have additional fees.

credits/semester $1,337
Total for 20 semesters $26,734
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In addition to the degree specific course requirements, there may be additional requirements for this degree. Visit the department website or speak with an advisor to determine what courses are needed in order to graduate.

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Courses for this degree take place in classrooms throughout our network of campuses. These courses may be available through Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) which are broadcast to classrooms or courses may take place in the classroom where broadcasts originate. For more information about this and other delivery types, visit our course delivery page.

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Testing: 1-855-834-2370

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Secondary Education, MEd

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Gain additional knowledge and professional training in your area of teaching expertise in a nationally recognized program.

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USU’s distance-delivered doctorate accommodates a maximum of 20 students in each cohort cycle (the same group of students begins, proceeds through, and completes the program together). The Education PhD with a Curriculum and Instruction specialization prepares educators and administrators to make significant contributions as leaders in K-12 settings or as faculty in teacher education programs in higher education. Affordable, high-quality courses are broadcast to selected RCDE campuses and centers during late afternoon and evening hours, and students also spend two summers on the Logan campus taking face-to-face courses.

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For Help Getting Started

Please call (800) 233-2137 or send an email to

Program Contacts

Sylvia Read
Regional Campus Liaison
Phone: (435) 512-4929

Dr. Kit Mohr
Graduate Program Director
Phone: (435) 797-3946

Each fall and spring semester, one or two doctoral-level courses are broadcast on Monday and Thursday evenings to several USU Regional Campuses and Education Centers statewide. These are interactive (two-way video, two-way audio) classes with online instructional components.

Additionally, for two summers, students register for 9 credits and attend full-time classes in Logan. (The summer experience is condensed to about one month, with further work completed electronically.) During the third summer, students complete comprehensive exams and begin work on dissertation proposals. Typically, travel to Logan is required during the third summer and for follow-up dissertation-related work.
Please take a look at the overview of the 2012 Distance Doctoral Cohort curriculum schedule.


Curriculum & Instruction Core Research Courses (12 credits)

  1. Program Evaluation
  2. Design & Analysis 1
  3. Qualitative Research Methods 1
  4. Qualitative 2 or Design & Analysis 2

C & I Core Courses Across Areas of Emphasis (15 credits)

  1. Historical, Social, and Cultural Foundations of Education
  2. Teaching & Learning Foundations
  3. Curriculum Theory
  4. Program Seminar
  5. Literature Reviews

Emphasis Courses in One of the Following Three Areas (21 credits)

  1. Instructional Leadership Emphasis (21 credits)
  2. Math Education and Leadership Emphasis (21 credits)
  3. Literacy Education and Leadership Emphasis (21 credits)

Dissertation Credits (12 credits)

Total Credits 60-61