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You can start taking classes at Utah State University without being formally admitted to the university. This "Quick Admit" process allows you to start taking credits towards your Utah State University degree without first applying to the university. You can start taking classes today without going through the admissions process, which is great if you find yourself out of time to apply formally.

  • Only students who have already obtained a bachelor's degree will be able to attend courses designated as 'Logan Main Campus'.
  • You will not be allowed to use federal financial aid.
  • Graduate students may only take 12 credits non-degree seeking and have them count toward a USU graduate degree program.

The best part is, there are no requirements for Quick Admit. You can sign up and register all at once and get into your classes immediately. You can then apply to USU at a later date. After you receive your A-Number, please view the Quick Admit Orientation.

Quick Admission OR Undergraduate Info Graduate Info

Application Deadlines

Reg Deadlines

Undergraduate Degree Process

In order to earn a degree through Utah State University, you must be formally admitted to the university. Admission is also required to be eligible for scholarships.

Apply as soon as you can. It can take time to gather all of the necessary information needed to complete the application process. You will also need to allow time for your application to be processed. Be sure to apply several months ahead of when you wish to begin taking courses.

Students who do not qualify for regular admission may be admitted into a 2 year associates degree program with the possibility of moving into a regular 4 year degree program if they meet certain requirements.

Online Undergraduate Application

Admissions Process

1. Choose a Degree Program+
Our degrees and programs page can help you choose a degree which will affect which courses you take after being admitted to the university. view degrees & programs >>
2. Apply for Admission+
The requiremets for admission differ between freshman and transfer students. Know the requirements before you apply. apply online >>
3. Pay the $50 Admission Fee+
You should be prompted to pay this fee after completing the application. If you have not paid your fee your application will not be processed. pay application fee >>
4. Receive Student ID Number (A-Number)+
Your A-Number is your ID number which is required to access most university resources including class registration. After you get your number you need to set up a password. create password >>
5. Meet with an Advisor+
An academic advisor will help you make a degree plan and help you choose applicable courses for your degree. You can chat with an advisor online or schedule a meeting in person schedule a meeting >>
6. Register for Classes+
After you know the courses you want to register for, log into Banner using your A-Number and register. log into Banner >>
7. Pay Tuition & Fees+
There are several drop dates for tuition payment, some of which are before classes start. Make sure you know these dates and pay before the deadlines. payment options >>
8. Purchase Course Materials+
The bookstore can help you gather all your course materials. Visit them online or in person to get everything you need. visit online campus store >>

Graduate Degree Process

In order to apply for a graduate degree from Utah State University, students must complete a School of Graduate Studies Application, take an admissions test, provide a copy of the student's transcript and provide three contacts for letters of recommendation. Even if you have attended Utah State University before, you must complete this process. Please speak with an advisor about choosing an admissions test.

Application Deadlines

While many departments have specific application deadlines, other departments admit students throughout the year. The time it takes to process an application is primarily dependent on the speed with which the School of Graduate Studies receives letters of recommendation, transcripts, and test scores. In some cases, this process may take 6-8 weeks. Applicants should plan accordingly.

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Feeling a Little Lost? We Can Help.

Need help accessing all the information we have to offer? Want to check out some of the resources available to students?

We have developed an online orientation just for future students so you can see everything we have to offer. It can be as long or as short as you want to make it, and it can help answer any questions you might have about Distance Education at Utah State University.