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Est. Total Tuition/Fees $35,741
Credits Required 120
Delivery Classroom
Campus Locations 16
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Online courses have a set cost per credit. Online credits are not counted as part of your total credits shown in the university tuition table. Total tuition is based on current rates and tuition rates are subject to change without notice.

Cost Per Credit $290
Total for 120 credits $35,741
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Estimated total tuition is based on current rates and student fees for a Utah resident. Tuition rates subject to change. Some courses may have additional fees.

credits/semester $1,787
Total for 20 semesters $35,741
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In addition to the degree specific course requirements, students must have at least 120 credits in order to graduate with a bachelors degree. Contact your advisor to determine what courses are needed in order to graduate.

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The courses for this degree can be completed via multiple delivery types. For more information about course delivery types, visit our course delivery page.

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This degree is offered at these campuses:

Beaver, Bicknell, Blanding, Brigham City, Delta, Ephraim, Junction, Kanab, Milford, Moab, Nephi, Price, Richfield, Southwest, Tooele, Uintah Basin

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General Info: 1-800-233-2137
Testing: 1-855-834-2370

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Bachelor of Science in
Mathematics Education

This program is designed to prepare you to teach secondary mathematics in public schools. Required courses include: mathematics content courses designed to increases your depth and breadth knowledge of mathematics, a course in math teaching methods where you learn research-based techniques for effectively teaching mathematics to secondary school students, and courses in pedagogy which help you to measure and evaluate achievement of learning goals, implement technology into the classroom, manage a safe and comfortable learning environment, and interact with diverse learners.

Upon completion, you will be certified, with a level-4 Math Endorsement, to teach in Utah secondary schools. 

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For Help Getting Started

Please call (800) 233-2137 or send an email to

Eric Rowley
Assistant Head
Phone: (435) 770-4244

In addition to the courses listed below, students must complete all university requirements, and have at least 120 credits in order to graduate with a bachelor's degree. Contact your advisor to dertermine what courses are needed in order to graduate.

Required Math/Stat Content Courses (39 cr)

  • MATH 1210: Calculus I
  • MATH 1220: Calculus II
  • MATH 2210: Multi-variable Calculus
  • MATH 2250: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
  • STAT 3000: Statistics for Scientists


  • STAT 2000: Statistical Methods
  • MATH 3110: Modern Geometry
  • MATH 3310: Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 4200: Foundations of Analysis
  • MATH 4310: Intro to Algebraic Structures
  • MATH 4400: History of Math and Number Theory
  • MATH 5010: Capstone Math,Stat, and Tech for Teachers
  • MATH 5710: Intro to Probability

STEP courses (34-37 cr)

Level 1

  • SCED 3100: Motivation and Classroom Management
  • SCED 3210: Educational and Multicultural Foundations
  • SCED 3300: Clinical Experience 1


  • Math 3300: Clinical Experience I

Methods: Minor or Major (Math 4500)        

Level 2

  • SPED 4000:Education of Exceptional Individuals
  • SCED 4200: Reading, Writing, and Technology
  • SCED 4210: Assessment & Curriculm Design


  • Math 5020: Math Cognition & Assessment of Math Achievement
  • Math 4300: School Lab for Mathematics Teachers Level lI


  • SCED 4300: Clinical Experience II

Methods: Major (Math 4500) or Minor        

Level 3

  • SCED 5500: Student Teaching Seminar
  • SCED 5630: Student Teaching in Secondary Schools

* Science Teaching Minors require two methods classes